Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sale Shopping!!

Hello Bloggers!!!

Yesterday I spent most of the day shopping!! (for deals)!!! My friend had a ticket to a L'oreal Spring Sale where almost everything is half price (or less!!!!) and she invited me to come. How could I say no to half priced make up?

We had kind of a late start leaving and maybe got lost on the way (the GPS kept telling us to do a U-turn, which really wasn't possible for a while). Anyway we finally did find it.

They had a ton of products there and even some great seasonal stuff and a few discontinued items (old favourties!!!) I knew I would probably end up spending more than I wanted to, but I told myself that I would probably buy this stuff throughout the year anyway, just not all at once, so it wouldn't seem like so much money.

Want to know what I got?!?!?!?

Doesn't seem like that much I know. But I ended up getting some Matrix Sleek.Look shampoo and conditioner (for $6.00 each!!!) a Vichy face cream (for $21.00) and some Maybelline make-up. I think I went a little overboard with the mascara, but they two red ones you see there are the holiday limited edition black sequins color (which means SPARKLES!!!) and they don't carry them in stores anymore, so I bought two. Only buying two took major self control. But that let me justify trying the pulsating mascara too ($5.00!!!!) and then I picked up a lipgloss, three eye shadows, a foundation and consealer and a corrector/cover stick. Each of those items were between $3.00 and $5.00.

After we left there we really wanted to check out this outlet mall which one of my friends coworkers had told her about. So we set off to find that. We didnt get lost this time and found it in a few minutes. We grabbed a super quick lunch (because at this point is was already 2:30 and the mall closed at 6:00 and we wanted to get in as much discount shopping as we could!!

We looked at the store directory and picked the stores that we really wanted to get to before they closed and then made a plan  go to those and then whatever we saw on the way. We ended up trying on a bunch of stuff, but not buying too much.  I bought a black (low-cut... oops) tank top for and a pair of jeans (for $15.00!!!!!!). The jeans were actually buy one, get on half off, but I couldn't find another pair that I wanted (and my friend couldn't find any) so I figured that I would just get the one. And then we browsed a bit more then it was almost 6:00.

We grabbed a scoop of Laura Secord ice cream (sadly not on sale) and made out way home.

The rest of the night for me consisted of watching Legally Blonde with a glass of wine (the last of the bottles my boyfriend brought back with him when he went to Germany a little while ago).