Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Official Post and Birthday Recap

Hello Everyone!

I am so excited to finally start blogging again! As I previously mentioned, I took some time to really think about where I wanted this blog to go, and realized that I should be enjoying it. So here we are and I am going to be blogging about the things that interest me at the time, or whatever I happen to this is worth sharing.

So I guess for my first real blog post I just want to talk about my birthday. It was a little while ago, but I think it always fun to recap the joys!

I spent my actual birthday at home (my mom's house) this year for the first time in six years. It was great to celebrate with my mom and my aunt! So on the morning of my birthday I came downstairs to find this:

Two cakes, a mini bottle of sparkling wine, a birthday balloon, gifts, an of course a cup of coffee!!! It was a great morning (because I had two slices of cake for breakfast)!

I also had a few mini birthday celebrations after that when I got back to Toronto. My boyfriend and I went out for a delish dinner! My sister took me out to get manicures together! And then a friend and I who share the same birthday, decided to throw a belated birthday party/going-away party for her and her fiance. That was also a pretty fun night.  

I really feel the need to show you the gorgeous manicure we got, so here you go:

So I have to say that 2013 was off to a good start and I couldn't complain. Hopefully 2013, which I have decided will be my champagne year (you've heard of champagne birthdays right?) has many more amazing things in store. 

Thanks for reading, and remember to keep checking back as there WILL be regular updates, I promise! 

**Extra Bit of Info - Check out my friends**

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See you all next time :)

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