Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday!

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!!

I'm going to be linking up with Lauren from "From My Grey Desk" for her H54F link up again and sharing some highlight from my week.

1. Had an interview. Got the job!!!! This pic was taken right when I found out! Yay!

Keep reading to see some more highlights from the week.

2. Enjoyed a delish celebratory cappuccino with the boy after getting the news!

3. Started a great new book on a rainy day. With a cup of coffee! Perfect afternoon!

4.  Went to the new yogurt place with the boy to get my fro-yo fix before heading back to Toronto.

5. Once I got back, I had a great sushi dinner with a friend from school and my sister! Great evening!

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Overall I had a great week! I'm sorry I didn't post very much all week, but I was busy with the new job! More post to come soon, I promise!

Hope you all enjoy your weekends!!

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