Friday, October 25, 2013

The Halloween Tag

Happy Halloween Everyone!

With just under a week until halloween and many people celebrating this weekend I thought it would only be right to do a Halloween themed tag! Thanks Nikki at Fairest's Favorites and Kendra of Beauty by Kendra C  for creating this tag!
The Halloween Tag   
 1. What is your favorite Halloween movie?
I'm not a huge fan of blood and guts so I would have to say Hocus Pocus! 
However, I am excited to see the new Carrie movie because some scenes were shot right outside the apartment I lived in last year. 
2.  What was your favorite costume?
I usually don't put a crazy amount of effort into my costumes, but I think my favourite was when my roommate at the time and I went as Tinkerbell.

3.  Do you like haunted houses?
No! Haha I don't like being scared.

4.  What's your favorite candy?
Anything chocolate. Probably Aero or Kitkat! Yum! 

5.  Do you decorate for Halloween?
I live in an apartment building so we usually just have a few gourds and leaves and pumpkins.
No skeletons or spider webs, please.

6.  Do you still dress up for Halloween? If yes, what will you be this year?
I do if it's for a costume party. 
This year my roommate and I are throwing a party and I still have decided yet. Oops.

7.  What is the one Halloween candy you can't stand?
Candy corn. Don't hate me.

8.  What's your best Halloween memory?
My favourite is probably Halloween in 2nd year of University. 
As mentioned earlier, my roommate and I dressed up as Tinkerbell. We carved pumpkins and won a "how many pieces of Halloween candy are in this jug" contest. Then we ate all the candy!

9.  What song comes to mind when you think of Halloween?
Bette Midler's I put a spell on you from Hocus Pocus!

10.  What's your favorite part of Halloween?
Mini chocolate bars!

11.  Would you rather trick or treat?

12.  Candy Corn- Take It or Leave It?
Leave it.
13.  If a black cat crosses your path, what do you do?
Take it home haha.
I have bad multiple black cats as pets over the years.
Answering this question may reveal my crazy cat lady tendencies.

14.  Do you carve/decorate pumpkins?
I haven't in a few years. But I will be this year!

15.  How old were you when you stopped Trick-or-Treating?
I don't actually know. I do remember being yelled at by an old man once for being too old. 
I think I may have been 12 at the time. He told me I should be home making out with my boyfriend instead. 

16.  Festive Nail Art- Yes or No?
Oh Yes!!

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