Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Hello Everyone!!

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Today you get to see my nail polish collection! Yay!! Exciting!!

My sister and I tend to share our nail polishes (so you might see manicures with colors that she purchased) but today I'm only going to share the ones that I purchased. I also have a few more polishes at my mom's place because I couldn't take them all back with me. These won't be included here.

I also realize this could get long, so I will pretty much just post the pictures and the names so you can easily scan through to see what you might like. Enjoy! 

As for "de-cluttering" my nail polish, I actually "donated" some old colors that I don't use to my sister's work for an art project they were planning to do. And this is what is left. 

I store my nail polish in a little box that my mom once mailed me a care package in. I keep my polishes and all other nail related things in there. There are some toe separators (that I never use), some nail stickers, some nail polish strips, and a little manicure kit.   

I use this combo all the time to help protect my nails and keep my polish looking shiny! I have the Revlon No Chip Top Coat and the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.

And my newest favorite is the Essence Peel Off base coat. This is perfect for when you are wearing glitter polish. You can peel it right off instead of spending hours trying to get that annoying glitter off. Might do a step by step on how to use this, if you guys are interested. Let me know

These are my Julep color. Julep actually has a monthly Maven subscription where you pay $20 dollars a month for three nail polishes, or two polishes and another related product. You can get an intro box for 1 cent (or free as I've been seeing lately). Then they send you monthly boxes with new nail polish. Or you can opt out if you don't want the colors that particular month. I've only purchased the intro box and then a New Years special (which came with some extras like a mascara, pedi cream, polish remover strips, hand cream samples etc).
Julep Colors from left to right: Cindy, Eileen, Dendrie, Emma, Renee, Mila.

From left to right:
Astor polish in "17"  This was a gift from my mom. She got this color in Germany. That is all I know. 
Color Secrets polish in a-label-missing red which my boyfriend tells me is "Head Over Heels" and a sparkly gold "The Holiday" (these were a gift from the bf in case you are wondering why he knows the name of the red color and I don't).
OPI polish in "Get In The Expresso Lane"

Joe Fresh Polish in "Fig" and in "Plum" (these colors are now discontinued).
These were gifts from my sister a while ago. I especially love the color "Fig" and I'll be sad when I run out

Lise Watier polish in "Topaze"(limited edition). This color was a Christmas gift from my friend Erin!
Kismet polish in a metallic gold color (don't know the name)
Sally Hansen Gem Crush in "Showgirl Chic"
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in "Diamonds"

What does your nail polish collection look like? What is your go to color? Favorite brand? I'd love to hear all about it, so let me know in the comments :)

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