Monday, March 11, 2013

Too Many Lotions

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope that you are all enjoying this rainy day! Actually I hope that it isn't a rainy day for most of you :)

I was going to include my body lotions in my last post about shower products, but I didn't want it to get too long. So here are my lotions. Enjoy!

Keep reading for more info on each product.
 My goal with my lotions is pretty much to just use up what I have before I go out and buy more. I didn't throw out anything that I hated or any old products because I didn't actually hate any of these and none of them are that old.

I have a couple of Bath and Body Works lotions (big bottles and little minis) that I need to use up. The one with the pump is almost gone :) The small Bath and Body Works lotions and the orange colored Fruits and Passion lotion will probably just end up in my purse and used as a hand cream on the go.

The swirly looking ones are from La Senza. I won them last spring when they were promoting their "Show Off Bra" at a launch party in the store. You just got a little raffle ticket for entering the store and then they drew for prizes. I won both of those lotions and a body mist.

The Julep Best Pedi Cream came with my first order of Julep nail polish. I really like it! It smells minty and fresh and moisturizes my feet! I will be using this up for sure!

The one item that is left is my Balea Glow Sunless Tan Lotion. I bought this near the end of last summer so I'll have to check for the expiration date and inspect it to make sure I can still use it (and not turn orange). If everything still looks OK I will probably start using it again soon, as the weather gets a bit nicer. If not, then unfortunately this will be the one item I do throw away. However I do like this product. It is comparable to the Jergens Natural Glow (in my opinion). The Balea doesn't have a very strong self tanner scent and it doesn't stain my clothes. So it will defs be repurchased.

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